Send Me

October 8, 2021
Self Published
Available in: Paperback, e-Book

Send Me

He was everything she never wanted…

Professional rock climber Sedona Jansen will do whatever it takes to send her route. This one climb will cement her role in a major documentary about female climbers, and fund an important opportunity for her little brother. After a lifetime of scraping by, she’ll finally be in a position to help others, and advance her career.

Alden Wilder spent eighteen months developing an incredible route at the very limit of his abilities. When he sends it, the route, with his name attached, will appear in major climbing publications.Ifhe can send it first. That’s hard to do when a professional climber shows up at your crag and tries to steal your climb.

Sedona and Alden are stuck together for seven days as they race to send the route. Over campfire stories and climbing sessions on the rock, Sedona learns the powerful motivation behind Alden’s ambition to beat her to the first ascent. Alden is determined to remember that Sedona is the enemy here; a funny, smart, attractive enemy that he can’t let distract him from his purpose. As the days unfold, keeping their eyes on the climb, and off each other, proves difficult as they work together to unlock the secrets of the rock.

Sparks fly and banter echoes off the rock in this witty, heartwarming story about trust and ambition.